Accidental Entrepreneur: 13 Lessons On How Not To Blow Your First Million


About Accidental Entrepreneur: How Not To Blow Your First Million

In this narrative-driven book, Godson Michel outlines the pitfalls of starting a small business unprepared and how aspiring entrepreneurs can take heed to overcoming these challenges in their first few years running their companies.

Imagine starting a business with no degree, loans, mentors, startup cash, or experience in running a company. That’s precisely what Godson Michel, a first-generation immigrant, did as a side hustle to pay for his college education while working a minimum wage job at the mall. Godson used his savvy to recognize a hidden-in-plain-sight-opportunity and started as a small e-commerce company. It impressively turned into a global enterprise with a customer base in 33 countries and over $1 million in revenue, all from his mother’s basement in a few short years.

However, you probably already know that most small business enterprises fail within their first five years. His startup was no different.

With over a decade in business building, Godson reveals the fundamental mistakes you’ll make as a new entrepreneur when starting your first company from his lens as a millennial sneaker tycoon. This how-to guide will teach you:

  • Why 50/50 partnerships are destined to crumble
  • What will kill your company before you make your first six-figures
  • The most underrated trait of a successful entrepreneur
  • How winners always fail

By the end of Accidental Entrepreneur, you’ll understand what landmines are in your path from sustainably building your small business and how to stop them from getting in your way.

About Godson Michel

Godson Michel is the debut author of Accidental Entrepreneur: How Not To Blow Your First Million.ย 
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Product Details

Paperback $15.95
Publisher: Fifty Maple Publishing
Release Date: September 2022
Pages: 220
ISBN: 1434085430879

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